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A Full Spectrum of Modern Tests

Learn what Fishman Allergy & Asthma can do for you

Fishman Allergy & Asthma offers a full spectrum of modern tests, including skin tests, blood tests, breathing tests, challenge tests and flexible rhinolaryngoscopy, a procedure which uses a tiny scope to asses your nose and vocal chords.

Xoran mini-CT Machine

Fishman Allergy and Asthma is the only practice in the DC metro area with the revolutionary Xoran mini-CT machine.

The machine provides Cat Scans of your sinuses right in the office, during your visit. The mini-CT takes just seconds to do, uses far less radiation than a regular Ct, and is not scary. You just sit upright in a chair. You get the results before you leave the office and do not need a second referral or appointment to see a radiologist. It is the latest and greatest way to help folks with sinus problems.

Fishman Allergy & Asthma is one of the few private practices in Washington to perform methacholine challenge testing, the most accurate way to diagnose chronic cough and mild asthma. Fishman Allergy provides "one stop shopping." You can have a complete evaluation for allergy, sinus and asthma problems- skin and blood tests, breathing tests, and sinus CT's- all in one visit, at one office.

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